Pure Pup offers state-of-the-art canine freezing services and everything you need to do your own cooled semen shipments.  Conveniently located at a dog show near you!



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Scheduled international shipments: None at this Time.

For international shipping request a quote.  We often work hand-in-hand with Pet Cargo, streamlining international transportation (for both pets and semen).


How cooled and frozen semen helps you:

  • Overcome distance: Shipping semen is considerably cheaper and easier than shipping dogs.  Plus, the stress of travel and being in a new place can reduce the chance of reproductive success for some dogs.  Sending semen, simple.


  • Overcome time: It can take a long time to carefully breed and prove the perfect male.  Once you’ve got him don’t miss the opportunity to capture his reproductive potential while he’s young and in his prime.  With frozen semen you can wisely invest in his assets so they are available to contribute to future generations.  Age is the single biggest detriment to semen quality and reduced fertility for male dogs, but it’s easily overcome by use of frozen semen.


  • Be Available: Your stud may have a busy schedule, but with semen in the bank he can be available to breed while simultaneously hunting in the field or showing off in the ring.  Sign a unit of frozen semen over to an interested party and let Pure Pup take care of the rest.


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Why choose Pure Pup?   

  • Specialization in male reproduction allows us to bring you the very best in customer service.  Any question, any time, we’re here to help.


  • Our availability not only means around the clock contact, but also includes bringing our mobile semen freezing laboratory to dog shows near you.


  • We offer flexibility in shipping options and packaging.  We know the considerable expense of using frozen and cooled semen and we are dedicated to helping you keep those costs as low as possible.  Each semen shipment is unique and we consider all variables to determine your options to help minimize costs.  We’ll take advantage of group shipments whenever possible and gladly cooperate with the receiving party to coordinate on your behalf.   


  • While semen is our specialty, that doesn’t stop at the cryopreservation.  We also help find the best time to inseminate.  So let us help you with the tricky work of timing your breeding.


  • We’re experienced with numerous options made available by cooling and freezing semen today.  Let us help you discover the advantages of these technologies.

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