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How cooled semen helps you:

Overcome Distance

In today’s world of shipping semen PurePup extender is cost effective and less stressful then shipping dogs, it also increases the chances of reproductive success.

Be Available

Your stud dog may have a busy schedule, so keeping a good supply of Purepup Semen Extender is essential. No measuring, fuss or mess. It quickly thaws add your semen, slowly mix, pack and ship.



Watch how easy it is to prepare and ship cooled semen with PurePup, LLC Kits.

Why choose Pure Pup?   

  • A leader in Advanced Canine Reproductive Technologies and Chilled Canine Semen Extender.

  • Specialization in male canine reproduction allows us to bring you the very best in customer service.  Any question, any time, we’re here to help.

  • Our availability not only means around the clock contact, and prioritization of getting your extender to you in timely manner.

  • We offer flexibility in shipping options and packaging.  We know the considerable expense of using cooled semen and we are dedicated to helping you keep those costs as low as possible.  Each semen shipment is unique and we consider all variables to determine your options to help minimize costs.  We’ll take advantage of group shipments whenever possible and gladly cooperate with the receiving party to coordinate on your behalf.   

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