Extender for shipping cooled semen and instructions for use.

Shipped and stored frozen until use.  Time in shipping transit is optimally 1 day (recommended) with two-day transit the maximum allowed.


Breeder's Choice Special - Extender Only

  • This extender is a life extending solution for cooled semen storage or shipping.  Store frozen until use.  Four mL is shipped frozen and should be kept in a regular freezer once it is received.  Comes with instructions for use.  Briefly, to use, thaw extender, add semen, then put in cool shipping kit/box to ship. Package to prevent direct contact between tube and ice packs.  DO NOT FREEZE SEMEN, as that will kill it.  If you need a shipping box with optimal packaging- take a look at the Pure Pup cool kit.


    The extender will maintain the motility and viability of most semen collections for at least one week when properly maintained at a cooled temperature and mixed twice daily.  Generally, cooled semen is shipped overnight and used the next day, or within a couple of days.  The purchase of this extender DOES NOT INCLUDE A SHIPPING CONTAINER for shipping semen.

    This product is perishable and shipped frozen.  It is recommended to ship overnight, or second day.  We ship to you on dry ice, but that slowly evaporates and will not maintain temperature for more than two days.  We ship out of southern Wisconsin.  Depending on your location, ground shipping can often arrive in the one to two day acceptable window.

    If you’d like us to determine the best shipping method, please place your order over the phone.  815.218.8765    Thanks!

  • Time in shipping transit is optimally 1 day (recommended) with two-day transit the maximum allowed.

    Please be sure to choose Overnight or Next Day Delivery for your shipping options.