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Why choose Pure Pup?   

  • Specialization in male reproduction allows us to bring you the very best in customer service.  Any question, any time, we’re here to help.

  • Our availability not only means around the clock contact, and prioritization of getting your extender to you in timely manner.

  • We offer flexibility in shipping options and packaging.  We know the considerable expense of using cooled semen and we are dedicated to helping you keep those costs as low as possible.  Each semen shipment is unique and we consider all variables to determine your options to help minimize costs.  We’ll take advantage of group shipments whenever possible and gladly cooperate with the receiving party to coordinate on your behalf.   

  • While semen is our specialty, that doesn’t stop at the cryopreservation.  We also help find the best time to inseminate.  So let us help you with the tricky work of timing your breeding.


Pure Pup chilled extender was designed by Megan Krautkramer, graduate of the University of Wisconsin—Madison with a Master’s degree in Animal Science, emphasis in Reproductive Physiology.  Megan completed her undergrad at Madison and then went on to work at a canine semen bank in Oregon while working with both dogs and zoo animals, sparking her interest in reproduction.  To gain a deeper understanding of reproduction and sperm specifically, she returned to Madison to research male fertility assessment with Dr. John Parrish.


Megan’s research focused on developing image analysis techniques to assess sperm nuclear shape as a way to determine differences and changes in male fertility.  Megan used this technology to assess seasonal impacts on boar sperm shape and then developed the technology for use on human sperm.  


Through this work she had the opportunity to collaborate with scientists at the USDA, working for a time at the USDA Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska. During her graduate studies, Megan also taught annually as a lab instructor for Reproductive Physiology and guest lectured for the companion animal class on the topic of canine reproduction.

As owners and breeders for many years, we understand the importance of getting a quality shipment along with the confidence of sending a fantastic sample. After using many types of extenders currently on the market, many breeders have determined that Pure Pup chilled extender has given the best performance and consistent results from start to finish. We purchased this company so this outstanding chilled extender and shipping service would not be lost.

Now, bringing expertise and personal experience as dog lovers and breeders, we are ready to help with your canine reproductive chilled shipping needs.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the bright future of Pure Pup.

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