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Cooled Shipping Kit (extender included)


Breeding two dogs in different places?  Don't ship dogs, ship semen!  The cooled pack is used for shipping cooled semen (sometimes called chilled or extended) and can be inseminated in any of three ways; vaginal, transcervical or surgical.


Cooled shipping kits allow you to breed your male to a female across the nation. This kit comes with everything you need to collect and ship your stud’s semen; a disposable collection kit,  extender to protect the sperm and maintain it’s viability for up to a week, and the container to ship it in.  Comes with instructions and an AKC cooled semen litter registration form.  While the extender can keep the semen alive for up to two weeks, it is recommended to be used as soon as possible, always shipped over night and discarded after one week of storage.  See our VIDEO.

Features a compact size that minimizes shipping cost, firm frozen packs that don’t shift during shipping and a protective sleeve to keep the precious cargo from contacting the ice packs and freezing (sperm killing….yikes!).

Prior to the addition of semen, the extender is a perishable good kept frozen until use.  It is therefore recommended that a shipping method is chosen that takes only one day in transit.  If the weather is not too hot (in the midst of a steamy summer) then often times 2 day shipping is also acceptable.  Depending on your location, ground shipping may have a one or two day transit-time.  This map shows ground shipping times in transit for packages shipped from us.  At Pure Pup we always do our best to get your cooled shipping kit to you at the most affordable rate possible while still confidently ensuring a quality product. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

If you’re unsure about shipping options when you place the order, don’t worry.  We double check every order and will contact you if there are doubts about maintaining the product quality during shipping.

We now include laboratory film with all semen extenders, to seal your tube for semen shipping.  This VIDEO demonstrates parafilm use.



Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 9 x 7 in

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